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Hola. I’m Chris, the Marin Homework Coach I am a language learning specialist. I teach and tutor Spanish and English for Spanish Speakers, ESL, Greek, and Italian. I have also studied German, Japanese, Latin and Swedish. My extensive language learning background. Being a student of so many different language teachers, I have learned what it takes to master foreign languages. Since so much of both English and Spanish vocabularies come from Greek and Latin, I can help you unlock the Spanish that you already know by idenifying cognates. Cognates are words that have similar sounds and meanings in different languages.

An example of a cognate is the word Tutor.

What is a tutor?

According to the Vox Diccionario de Primaria de la Lengua Española, NTC Publishing Group, Chicago 2000, a tutor is a:

Professor that in addition to giving classes takes charge of orienting and counseling students in one course or subject. The tutor helps solve the problems that surface in the class.

¿Que es un tutor?

Segundo el Vox Diccionario de Primaria de la Lengua Española, NTC Publishing Group, Chicago 2000, un tutor o una tutora es:

“Profesor que además de dar clase se encarga de orientar y aconsejar a los alumnos de un curso o de una asignatura. El tutor ayuda a solucionar los problemas que surgen en la clase. “

Spanish Tutoring

Spanish Lessons

Spanish Nouns

Like in English, a singular noun becomes a plural noun when an “s” is added on tyhe end, except in Spanish, when a noun ends with a consonat, es is added to make it plural. Unlike English, Spanish nouns have gender, they are either masculine or femenine.

One Teacher Un Maestro

Two teachers Dos maestros

One school Una escuela

Two schools Dos Escuelas

There are many schools in Marin County.

Hay muchas escuelas en el Contado de Marin.

One tutor Un tutor

Two tutors Dos tutores

The tutors teach Spanish, Italian, Greek and English.

Los tutores enseñan español, italiano, griego y inglés.

Spanish Verbs

The infinitive of Spanish verbs have three different endings. They can end ings. They can end in “ar”. “er” or “ir”

To teach Enseñar

I teach Yo enseño

He, She teaches El, ella enseña

You (familiar) teach Tu enseñas

He, She, You (formal) teach El, Ella, Usted enseña

We teach Nosotros enseñamos

They, You (plural) teach Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes enseñan

He teaches the students in Marin County.

El enseña a los estudiantes en el Contado de Marin.

To Read Leer

I read Yo leo

You (familiar) read El, Ella lee

He, She, You (formal) read El, Ella, Usted lee

We read Nosotros leemos

They, You (plural) read Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes

He reads in Spanish.

El lee en español.

Tutoring Spanish in Marin County and San Francisco for 20 Years

The Spanish Tutor

About me, Chris Ioakimedes, the Marin Homework Coach and Spanish tutor. Spanish is my third language, after English and Greek. I studied Spanish for 4 years in high school. After high school, I studied Spanish for 2 years at the College of Marin. While at the College of Marin, I taught English as a Second Language, ESL, to mostly Spanish speaking students, in San Rafael. After the College of Marin, I got my B.A. at the University of California, Los Angeles, ( UCLA) in Comparative Literature with an emphasis in Spanish Literature. At UCLA, I also studied Spanish and Mexican Film. I have extensive experience working with the Spanish speaking community here in Marin. I have helped many students succeed in their Spanish classes. In addition to private Spanish classes and tutoring, I am currently working as a substitute Spanish teacher at Marin Primary and Middle School in Larkspur.

To learn Spanish, you need to learn vocabulary, verbs and grammar. You learn to read and write.

Para aprender español, necesita aprender el vocabulario, los verbos y la gramática.

For beginning students, I like to start with the book English Grammar for Students of Spanish.


It introduces parts of English grammar first with an explanation. Then it introduces the equivalent part of grammar in Spanish. It explains how the grammar is similar and how it is different.

Spanish literature that I recommend for advanced Spanish students.

Read Don Quixote online, click the link below

El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha

Or buy a hard copy

Spanish Poetry

Gustavo Adolfo Bequér and José Martí, two of my favorite Spanish poets.

Please call me at 415-577-5786 to talk about learning Spanish.

The Marin Homework Coach also teaches English for Spanish speakers.

Areas Served: Private in home tutoring as well as tutoring in public libraries in San Rafael, Novato, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Greenbrae, Ross, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Belvedere,  Sausalito, San Francisco, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond and San Pablo.

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