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Capitalsim Vs Socialism

The three economic questions: What to produce? How to Produce? Who consumes what is produced?

Factors of production: land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship

Income Inequality

Market equilibrium / Supply, demand, and market equilibrium

Changes in equilibrium price and quantity when supply and demand change

Surplus and shortage

Price ceilings and floors

Introduction to price elasticity of demand

Types of firms: proprietorship, partnership, corporation

Oligopolies and monopolistic competition

How does the stock market work

How Democratization Is Paving A Path Of Continued Growth In The Stock Market (Forbes article, Mar 3, 2021)


Investment basics: risk, reward, and liquidity

Private sector vs public sector

Economies of scale

The role of the Federal Reserve

The business cycle

Circular flow of income and expenditures

Fiscal and monetary policy

Components of GDP


Limitations of GDP | Economic indicators and the business cycle

How to calculate the Consumer Price Index (CPI and inflation rate)

Income and wealth inequality

Pros and cons of globalization

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